HIPPO creates and/or optimises the public profile of your organisation or product. Our social media experts specialise in empowering you to build your brand through effective, targeted efforts. We assist you in determining your core message, and then work with you to identify the best ways to communicate it to your target market.


HIPPO partners with you to create an integrated media strategy that encompasses a comprehensive range of media avenues including, as appropriate, print, online, radio and television.


There are hundreds of social media platforms out there, but we provide the training and expertise you need to ensure that your voice is heard in the right place at the right time. We explain the importance of ‘listening’ and show you how to accurately track and monitor your impact. We review your brand’s social media presence (people are most likely talking about you, even if you are not yet responding) and help you with damage control if necessary. We work with you to put social media protocols in place, and equip your staff to become your ambassadors. If desired/needed, we can manage your social media campaign on your behalf.


HIPPO specialises in leisure and entertainment promotion, as well as in offering a unique and specialised service to science and development clients.


HIPPO provides training and services in general and social media, including the following areas of expertise:

  • Publicity and promotions
  • Book promotions
  • Social media services and training
  • Brand building
  • Core message identification
  • Integrated media strategies
  • Events management
  • Product/brand distribution and placement
  • Conference management
  • Media management